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Laurdan Associates, Inc.

Employee Surveys

The objectives of Employee Surveys include: helping an organization identify opportunities to improve its employment brand; identify employment practices problem areas; enhance employer-employee communication; improve employee relations, employee morale, and teamwork; enhance employee commitment and engagement; and assess the implementation and effectiveness of HR management systems and processes.

In today's economy and workplace this is just the starting point.  Identifying the drivers of employee satisfaction and commitment and helping the organization become a "great place to work" is no longer enough.  Enhancing the value and productivity of human capital depends on aligning employment policies and practices with organizational strategies and objectives.  Employee contentment should not be confused with organizational success.  Thus it is critical that employee surveys also help the organization identify opportunities to align its HR management activities with strategic and organizational goals and objectives.

Employee Surveys should also be an element of the organization's internal controls - employee surveys help validate assumptions about the success of human resource management activities.  Further employee surveys should be a fundamental element of the organization's Employee Relations Early Warning System (EREWS); a system that alerts management that employees are susceptible to the siren song of third party intervention as a means of righting real and perceived injustices and mistreatment.

Laurdan's Employee Survey activities and copyrighted survey questionnaire are designed to help organizations; identify key issues that affect employee engagement and productivitiy, usch as organizational biases and behaviours, ineffective employer-employee communication, and improper supervision; and Laurdan's survey activities then help organizations to take action to implement corrective measures.