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Laurdan Associates, Inc.  

Employment Issues Training Programs 

In recent years, the courts, governmental agencies, and EEOC and state human relations commissions have made it clear that employers have an affirmative action duty to create a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.  Employers have been put on notice that they must not only punish managerial and supervisory transgressions, but must attempt to prevent the discrimination and harassment from occuring in the first place.  The operative works are prevent, correct, and, where necessary, punish.

To help organizations create positive employee relations, improve employee morale and customer relations, comply with the various and numerous employment laws and regulation, limit the incident and severity employment-related claims, and increase their bottom line, Laurdan Associates offers Employment Issue Training Programs.  Training sessions are tailored to each client's specific needs and can be conducted onsite or through webinars and audio conferences on a variety of HR management issues, including: HR audits, HR metrics, leadership, diversity, sexual harassment, proper hiring and firing techniques, job performance management, HR related documentation, and attending employment-related hearings.