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Laurdan Associates, Inc.
Unemployment Insurance Cost Management Services
Unemployment insurance (UI) management issues, unlike other human resource management issues, have a direct impact on an organization's tax liability--and since taxes reduce profitability--on its bottom line.  As a payroll expense, UI liabilities increase total labor costs, the cost of turnover, and have a direct impact on cash flow.  UI claims administration adds additional administrative expenses.  And because of the possible interrelationship between UI and other types of employment related claims, the adjudication of a UI claim can impact the outcome of employment claims. 
For more than 40 years Laurdan Associates, Inc. has been a nationally recognized expert on UI issues providing consulting, research, and expert witness testimony on UI program and policy issues.  Laurdan's consulting clients include Fortune 500 companies, mid- and small businsses, non-profits, law firms, and business organizations.  Laurdan's UI research has been used by the Federal Reserve Board, the National Conference of State Legislatures, state UI agencies, and state chambers of commerce.  Laurdan has served as a consulting expert on UI issues to SHRM, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications.  Laurdan published the Employers' Guide to Unemployment Insurance in Maryland and serves on Maryland's UI Oversight Committee.
Laurdan's UI consulting activities are designed to help align UI program activities with business and talent management objectives, to increase the effectiveness of UI program administration, to reduce UI tax liability and costs, and to improve cash flow.
UI consulting activities include:
  • Initial and ongoing audits of pertinent financial and payroll records
  • Assessment and assistance in managing UI costs during mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations
  • Initial and ongoing audits of UI claims experience
  • Strategic analysis of UI tax and claims activities and their alignment with business and operational objectives
  • Development of UI metrics and benchmarking
  • Ongoing verification of state experience rates and the application of tax saving provisions
  • Application of internalized experience rating
  • Ongoing federal and state programmatic and policy analysis
  • Tactical analysis of UI claims on employment practices liability exposure
  • UI hearing attendance
  • Assistance with the development of RFPs for UI claims administration outsourcing
  • Assistance and advisory services to business organizations, state UI agencies, and state legislators on UI issues
  • Assistance and advisory services to insurers offering private unemploymet insurance or private wage loss policies