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 ELLA®, The Employment-Labor Law Audit
Setting the standard in HR auditing


ELLA® is the nation's leading HR auditing and employment practices liability risk assessment process.  ELLA® helps organizations detect hidden problems, develop positive employee relations, ssess internal control, implement risk reduction strategies, benchmark best practices, and prioritize corrective measures.  ELLA® is based on the premise that organizations can't get the right answers if the don't ask the right questions.  ELLA® first provides organizations with the right questions, then gives them the ability to self-evaluate their responses.

As a management tool, ELLA® is a systematic and comprehensive method of enhancing the value of an organization's human capital while reducing its exposure to employment related liabilities.

ELLA® has been peer reviewed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Governmental Agencies such as U.S. Small Business Administration, and employment and labor law experts across the country.

ELLA® has been sponsored by such employer organizations as the Software Publishers Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the National Glass Association (NGA), CUE, Printing Industries of America, and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

ELLA® has been used as continuing professional education course material by the AICPA, the Capital Chapter of teh Assn. of Law firm Administrators, the Independent Insurance Agents of America (HAA), the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) Society, and Federal Publications, Inc.

ELLA® is used as the course book in the graduate HRM program at Villanova University and in a continuing education program at the University of Texas-Austin.

ELLA® has been used by hospitals, other healthcare providers, and manufacturers as a part of their due diligence activities and internal controls.

ELLA® is being used by insurance companies as a risk management, loss prevention, and loss control tool for their Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) and D&O insurance products.  ELLA® users receive a premium credit from some insurers.

The software version of ELLA® was selected by HR Executive Magazine as one of the top ten HR products of 1996.  ELLA® has won national acclaim as the premier HR auditing tool.


"I've used ELLA® for many years.  In my role as HR Director, it has always been the comprehensive source for best practice and compliance.  I particularly like to use ELLA® upon starting a new job since it gives me a snapshot of the HR function and I know the challenges I'll really be facing.  As a consultant, it remains a valuable tool for intitial and ongoing assessment of our clients' needs. In my role as a college instructor, I find ELLA® to be useful and instructive to HR students.  It gives them the reality check that many textbooks do not.  I can hearly endorse ELLA®."
A management consultant and professor of HR management

"Wow! I had an opportunity to review the 8th Edition of ELLA®.  It is spectacular.  I particularly found valuable the fact that ELLA®'s auditing value has been enhanced by including questions about employment issues outcomes and the organization's culture and values."
The president of a major insurance and risk management agency

"Employment audits are becoming very popular and [ELLA®] looks like the best primer by far."
A national recognized employment attorney

"ELLA® has been a godsend. [Organizations conducting due diligence] should know how valuable this tool is during mergers and acquisitions."
An HR executive of a major food service company

"ELLA® is a cost effective way for [business owners] to know what questions to ask and what to do about the answers."
A manufacturing Specialist at the Delaware Manufacuring Extension Partnership

"Employers, large and small, need a way to evaluate their employment practices to ensure they do not create a 'glass ceiling' in their operations. [ELLA®] is designed to help employers identify and prioritize the tasks necessary to achieve positive employment practices."
A Regional Advocate for the Small Business Administration

"ELLA® provides the best all-around guide to human resources management.  Not only does ELLA® offer information on the best practices for your company, but it also offers an explanation.  Every employer should go through this HR 'checkup' every few years."
The former Executive Director of the maryland Commission on Human Resources

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