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Laurdan Associates, Inc.

Products and Services

Laurdan Associates, Inc. is an internationally recognized human resource management consulting firm.  Laurdan Associates, a thought leader in HR auditing and employment practices liability (EPL) risk assessments, has developed a suite of HR auditing and EPL risk management products and services that help organizations increase the value of their human capital while reducing their exposure to EPL related losses. Laurdan's HR products and activities include:

ELLA®, the Employment Labor-Law Audit
ELLA is the nation's leading HR auditing and employment practices liability risk assessment process.  ELLA® provides a suite of assessment tools, consulting services, and training on HR auditing and employment practices liability (EPL) risk management issues.

HR Auditing Consulting Services
In addition to ELLA®, Laurdan Associates conducts on-site and off-site HR audits, assistes organizations develop internal auditing tools, develops internalized experience reating programs, conducts employee and applicant surveys, and develops other assessment methodologies.  Laurdan's HR consulting services assist organizations audit thier HR management activities, processes, controls, and outcomes.  Laurdan's approach is to first help organizations assess HR, internal auditing, and employment practices risk issues, then to design and prioritize cost-effective solutions.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Services
EPLI consutling services to insurers, underwritiers, risk managers, and brokers, including EPL risk assessment and management, EPL loss prevention and control, and EPL insureds services.

Strategic HR
Consulting services designed to help an organization align its human capital management strategies and activities with its business strategies, objectives, imperatives, mission, culture, and code of conduct.

HR Metrics and Benchmarking
Consulting services that help the organization measure and evaluate HR management activities by determining and calculating relevant HR metrics, by comparing these measurements against budgeted and expected values and against "best practices," and by identifying and prioritizing corrective measures.

HR Policies and Employee Handbook
Consulting services that help the organization develop HR policies and employee handbooks that:

  • enhance its employment brand
  • attract and retain key employees
  • give employees a sense of belonging
  • contribute to organizational orderliness
  • enhance employee morale
  • contribute to workplace safety and productivity
  • reduce company exposure to employment related liabilities

Employee Surveys
Consulting Services and copyrighted survey questionnaires that:

  • help organizations determin, measure, and analyze workplace issues that affect employee satisfaction, commitment, engagement, and positive employee relations
  • help organizations assess employees' perceptions of external and internal pay equity
  • help organizations identify and assess employee relations issues factors that increase employees' desire for third party intervention

Emphasis is placed on producing actionable information and producing a positive ROI.

Training Programs
Tailored onsite and web-based training programs on HR management issues, including: HR audits, HR metrics, leadership, diversity, sexual harassment, proper hiring and firing techniques, job performance management, HR related documentation, and attending employment-related hearings.

Unemployment Insurance Cost Management
Consulting services and research designed to help organizations and industry groups measure, evaluate, and manage UI issues and legislation.

Expert Witness Services
Consulting services on HR management and employment practices liability issues, including: HR audits, discrimination, negligent hiring, and unemployment insurance.