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Laurdan Associates, Inc.

Listing of ELLA® Profiles

Strategic and Organization Description Profile
Identifies the strategic and organizational and risk factors and issues that affect the achievement of business and talent management  objectives, HR management, compliance, and the organization's vulnerability to employment practices liabilities.

Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Profile
Reviews aspects of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process to uncover weaknesses and identify problem areas.

Application Process Profile
Assesses elements of the organization's application form and process.

Reference Checking and Responding Profile
Explores policies and procedures related to checking refernces and responding to other employers' requestis for employee information.

Immigration Issues Profile
Reviews compliance with the nation's employment related immigration laws.

American with Disabilities Act Profile
Reviews and assesses compliance with the ADA

Employee Handbook Profile
Assesses the organization's employee handbook in terms of communication effectiveness, compliance, and use of protective language, and the creation of positive employee relations.

Positive Employee Relations Profile
Assesses the organization's commitment to creating positive employee relations and suggests ways to improve the employer-employee relationship.

Diversity Management Profile
Highlights the relevant factors that should be considered in developing a proactive approach to work force diversity.

Workplace Discrimination Profile
Assesses the organization's exposure to discrimination claims and identifies activities that help reduce the incidence and severity of discrimination charges and lawsuits.

Affirmative Action Profile
Addresses the key issues and requirements of affirmative action planning and helps organizations comply with their obligations.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Profile
Assesses the organization's exposure to sexual harassment claims and evaluates the organization's commitment to creating a sexual harassment-free workplace.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy
Reviews the issues and problems that employers face in developing and implementing a drug-free workplace policy.

HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Profile
Addresses the key issues of HIV/AIDS workplace management.

Job Performance Management Profile
Assesses the organization's performance appraisal system, process, and management.

Retention Issues Profile
Evaluates the strengths and weaknesses  of the organization's employee retention efforts and assists in developing successful retention strategies.

Conflict Resolution Profile
Assesses the organization's conflict resolution programs and methods of resolving conflict.

Termination Process Profile
Evaluates the organization's termination decision making process in terms of the substantive standards used and the procedural steps followed.

Downsizing, Layoffs, and Plant Closing Profile
Assesses the organization's activities and outcomes associated with downsizing, layoffs, and plant closings.

Unemployment Insurance Management Profile
Analyzes and assesses the performance of the organization's UI management program and helps identify and implement cost control measures.

Employee Benefit Plan Compliance Profile
Evaluates the types of benefits programs offered and reviews some of the compliance issues associated with employee benefits.

Leaves of Absence Profile
Reviews the organization's compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other manadated employee leave protection statuses.

COBRA and HIPAA Profile
Review obligations and responsibilities under COBRA and HIPAA and helps assess exposure to penalties as a result of noncompliance.

Wage and Hour Profile
Reviews the organization's compliance with many of the provisions of the federal wage and hour law.

Workplace Safety Management Profile
Evaluates the organization's effors in creating a safe workplace.

Records, Notices, and Information Management Profile
Discusses the creation, management, and retention of employment related information, records, and files.

Governance & Ethics Profile
Evaluates corporate governance and ethics practices.

Benchmarking Profile
Provides metrics and best practices that allows the organization to compare its practices and activities against external standards.

HR Audit Assistance and Tools
Includes additional human capital and HR auditing tools including: the Employment Practices Liability Risk Exposure Tool, and HR Auditing Action Plan, the ELLA Pre-HR Audit Worksheet, the Employment Retaliation Vulnerability Assessment, the Human Captial Management Effectiveness Tool, the Drug Policy Self Audit, the Organizational Risk Assessment Map, and the Employee Satisfaction Map.